Services offered that will certainly and eventually maximize potential value include but not limited to:

  • Re-examine what drives the business to deliver the most economic value
  • Ensure the financial & accounting info is current and adequate
  • Ensure financial & accounting reports are detailed and reliable
  • Develop or enhance financial planning and analysis function. Producing numbers is not enough, but analyzing it adds value. “Financial Data is just numbers without interpretations”
  • Flag variances from plan (positive and negative); provide recommendation for remediation where appropriate
  • Provide a balanced performance assessment of the finance department to business leaders. “An experienced and fresh eye look always count”. The report will highlight positives to encourage them, and negatives to refrain them
  • Risk Assessment & Solutions
  • Focus on future aspects of the business while not ignoring the past performance
  • Quarterly or periodic review to identify strategic deficiencies
  • Take timely corrective actions and reallocate resources appropriately through resource optimization
  • Ability to transform unstructured environment to sound opportunity to the business
  • Modify company's strategic vision, and redesign business models in order to remain viable
  • Deal with chaos, redirect focus on priorities by creating a sense of order
  • Help company to harness its data and maximize benefits out of it
  • Assist in hiring smart people with complementary skill sets, and work to polish their business language
  • Innovate and introduce fast close approach as value enhancing proposition, this will ensure timely dissemination of information to stakeholders